1. element-of-change:


    a privilege to have received these words with my own two ears…

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  2. makos-lightningrod:

    i felt like this was really appropriate.

    9 years later…I just can’t :’(

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  3. Aww zuzu :3

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    1. Bryke during ATLA: Let's show these kids that violence is never the solution. Peace is the only thing that will end a war.
    2. Bryke during LoK: LOL KILL THEM ALL
  4. goodtrybutno:

    While I was watching this part I noticed that this was the same place Jet died. When Jinora looked shocked, my cousin pointed out that Jinora probably saw Jet’s remains. 

    Wow, como recuerdan estas cosas? ._.

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  6. maliks-butt:


    This is fucking better water bending than the entire last air bender movie

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  7. avatarparallels:

    Firebenders that can create explosions with their minds.

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  8. Ese incómodo momento en el que encuentras un cierto parecido entre Zuko y Lee Min Ho


  9. alwaysfangirlng10:



    Am I the only one who’s quietly hoping we still get some Zutara scenes in Korra like either close friendship with them as the only two gaang members left or even like old people romance I am holding out for it


    I just want some happy or…

    They said she was traveling the world for enlightenment. Watch the leaked episodes it’s stated. And so what if she has statues? Theres a huge one of Zuko in Republic City too and he’s alive he’s gonna be in the season.

    Oh please, yes!