1. Mommy (x)

    "Si es cierto que soy tu madre, perdóname por no haberte amado lo suficiente"

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  2. Photos of the Search Part 3.



    WOW, el misterio más grande de ATLA e incluso el inicio de TLOK se ha resuelto, historia de amor más bonita en el universo Avatar no hay… aunque no me agradó la decisión de Ursa, me gustó mucho el final :) 

  3. avatarparallels:

    Each Avatar has a different story to tell...

    …read this and respect each story. None of them can be necesary the same because the were all the Avatar.

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  4. emberislandplayers:

    ZukoSo the thing is, I have a lot of firebending experience.  And I’m considered to be pretty good at it.  Well you’ve seen me… you know when I was attacking you…  Uh yeah, I guess I should apologize for that..

    Zuko nos enseñó que NO hacer y que NO decir en una entrevista para ser el nuevo maestro fuego del avatar… XD

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  5. Sarcasm

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  6. Lo que se aprende en miles de años y cientos de vidas, jamás se olvida…

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  7. rufftoon:


    Bill Rinaldi just sent me this video from the weapon-making series Man At Arms. At viewers’ request, Tony Swatton forges Sokka’s “space sword” OUT OF METEORITES! The results are incredible.

    Mind blown. So… how do I buy this thing? Maybe a custom pleather version?

    That is many shades of AWESOME!!!

    Quiero!!! *-*

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  8. appaandfriends:

    Pick Up Lines- A:TLA Style



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  9. beanaroony:



    I’m back…with snuggles! Oops, I made a cute (while I ignore anatomy because what even is that?)

    Her fingers threaded through his hair, light and warm like the sunlight that filtered through the tree and dappled their skin with patches of light. He shifted in her lap and looked up at her, a smile on his lips that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You sure you don’t want to sit on my good side?” he asked.

    She bowed her head, arm thrown over his chest, and pressed a soft kiss to his scarred eyelid. “I am sitting on your good side,” she said.

    Reblogging because oh my goodness I just died. 

    There was a long time no seeing Zutara around here ♥

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  10. sherbies:

    grandpa’s still got it

    (more book 2 comics - 2/14)

    XD jajaja

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